Create Your Own Custom Zatoga Links
Create your own link if you want a new unblocked link or a link to share with your friends.
First view the video below for a tutorial on how to add your own links. Then, submit your link using the form below so your link can be activated by Zatoga admin.
How to Make New Zatoga links: Video Tutorial
1. Go to link (click here)
2. Make an account and go to the add a subdomains page
3. Go to Many many more domains in the dropdown click Shared Domain Registry
4. Find a public domain with under 500 hosts and click it
5. Name your subdomain (e.g. domainname.[])
6. Use the A record as the target/destination
7. Paste your new subdomain link in the form below and submit.
8. Wait till your domain has been activated by Zatoga.
9. Game away on your new custom Zatoga link!
10. Make more links and share your links with friends!